Since Thanksgiving is a time to reflect upon those things in our lives for which we are most thankful, we share with you the thoughts of leaders in the community. As noted author Brené Brown once stated, “There is no joy without gratitude.”

Angie Lasagna
VP, Community Relations and Media Affairs Mission Federal Credit Union

I am most thankful for my children, every minute of every day. I have been blessed with a life of bounty, with the comfort of loving relationships and surrounded and encouraged by the people I work with and encounter. I am thankful that I am able to give back to the community. So many organizations in San Diego are doing incredible work to help the less fortunate among us and creating pathways of success for youth.

Frank Carrillo
Founder, President and CEO of SIMNSA Health Plan

I am thankful for my beautiful family especially for my daughter Franchesca who enlightens my Life every day. Thankful that I have the means to help many children and families in need. Thankful for my healthcare business which helps thousands of families with health care services. Thankful for my health, my friends and all the people that surround me every day. Thankful for the life that God gives me and all the happiness that comes with it; One million thanks.

Bill Schmidt
Co-founder and Executive Director Cygnet Theatre

I am grateful to contribute to the culturally rich community of San Diego. It is incredibly rewarding to me and I feel very fortunate for the role I have at Cygnet Theatre. The appreciation that our patrons have personally expressed to me for the impact we make on their lives, the endless generosity of the donors who allow us to continue to do our work and the dedicated board and staff make me very thankful this holiday season.

Gwynn Thomas
Vice President HUB Insurance Services and Charity Ball Chairwoman

I am grateful for family, particularly my dear husband who brings unwaveringly love and brightness to my life. I am grateful for dear friends and for the community of volunteerism and giving of which, I am a part of. I am grateful for sunrises and sunsets and for the ability to dream and to see those dreams realized for myself and for others.

Noah Gins
Executive Director Albion Soccer San Diego

I am very grateful that each and every day I get to live with passion and purpose to inspire, motivate, and give others the opportunity to do the same. I am grateful that I can impact so many people in their quest to love what they do and fulfill their own dreams.

Jim Kidrick
President and CEO San Diego Air & Space Museum

Corny as it may sound, it’s family, friends and good health I’m most thankful for! As we get older we realize our lives are an adventure, multiple ‘stages’ focused on positively impacting the lives of others. Thus, the importance of those closest to us grows each day, each year. Our legacy is very basic, leaving this world better than we found it… and hoping our contributions are lasting!

Rusty Gage
President Salk Institute

I’m most thankful for my family, friends and health. But I’m also incredibly grateful for the opportunity I have to go to work every day with extraordinary colleagues at the Salk Institute, where I can pursue my scientific research. Besides its remarkable architectural beauty, it is the people who make up the Salk community, including our supporters, who really make the Institute so special. Finally, I am always grateful to live in San Diego; it doesn’t get much more fulfilling than that.

Beth Sirull
President and CEO Jewish Community Foundation San Diego

I’m grateful for the warm community - Jewish and not - that surrounds me in my new home of San Diego, for the many new friends I’ve made here over the past year and a half. I’m appreciative equally for the wonderful community of family and friends I have around the world. And, I’m thankful that I am alive, healthy, and able to fully experience gratitude.

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