Women Dedication

The Salvation Army Women’s Auxiliary announced the 2017 Women of Dedication in a reception in La Jolla. On March 23, 2017, they will recognize the positive impact the 12 honorees have contributed to the region and we congratulate them for all they have done!

Chuck And Joani Wafer With Susan And Bill Hoehn 15997 300 600 80 Chuck and Joani Wafer with Susan and Bill Hoehn
Joye Blount  Geri Rovsek And Dolores McNeely 15998 300 600 80 Joye Blount Geri Rovsek and Dolores McNeely
Pamela Lennen And Rosemarie Pope 15999 300 600 80 Pamela Lennen and Rosemarie Pope
Patti Cooprider And Rae Merhar 16000 300 600 80 Patti Cooprider and Rae Merhar
Sally Fuller And Karin Donaldson 16001 300 600 80 Sally Fuller and Karin Donaldson
Sally Fuller With John And Karin Donaldson 16002 300 600 80 Sally Fuller with John and Karin Donaldson
Sandra And Jeffry Schafer With Louarn And Alan Sorkin 16003 300 600 80 Sandra and Jeffry Schafer with Louarn and Alan Sorkin
Vicki Eddy  Dee Amon And Jan Rydell 16004 300 600 80 Vicki Eddy Dee Amon and Jan Rydell
Yolanda Walther Meade And Yolanda S. Walther Meade 16005 300 600 80 Yolanda Walther Meade and Yolanda S. Walther Meade

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