Maac Dinner

The 30th anniversary of MAAC’s Casa de Milagros was celebrated in style with fine cuisine prepared by various Tijuana restaurants. The event, presented by Southwest Airlines, recognized the organization’s efforts to aid women seeking recovery and sobriety within the community while guests also enjoyed an exquisite four-course meal.

Arnulfo Manriquez And Alondra Alvaro 19406 300 600 80 Arnulfo Manriquez and Alondra Alvaro
Arturo Solis And Alejandra Sotelo Solis 19407 300 600 80 Arturo Solis and Alejandra Sotelo Solis
Christopher And Amy Miller 19408 300 600 80 Christopher and Amy Miller
Dawn Contreras  Carmen Suarez And Lorretta Moreno 19409 300 600 80 Dawn Contreras Carmen Suarez and Lorretta Moreno
Elvira And Benny Valenzuela 19410 300 600 80 Elvira and Benny Valenzuela
Francia Baluca And Armando Lomeli 19411 300 600 80 Francia Baluca and Armando Lomeli
Jesse Allen  Rachel Nafrada And Tony Valladolid 19412 300 600 80 Jesse Allen Rachel Nafrada and Tony Valladolid
Linda Sierra  Berenice Zamaro And Myrna Rivera 19413 300 600 80 Linda Sierra Berenice Zamaro and Myrna Rivera
Martha Zapata And Ceci Cazares 19414 300 600 80 Martha Zapata and Ceci Cazares
Mayra Vazquez  Maribel McKinze And Amaris Verdin 19415 300 600 80 Mayra Vazquez Maribel McKinze and Amaris Verdin
Oralia Ventura  Viviana Ochoa And Adolfo Ventura 19416 300 600 80 Oralia Ventura Viviana Ochoa and Adolfo Ventura
Sharon Turner And Arlene Gibbs 19417 300 600 80 Sharon Turner and Arlene Gibbs
Teresa Diaz  Atsuko Spears And Patty Bailey 19418 300 600 80 Teresa Diaz Atsuko Spears and Patty Bailey
Venus Molina  Lidia S. Martinez  Beto Vasquez  Elsa Roth And Lisette Islas 19419 300 600 80 Venus Molina Lidia S. Martinez Beto Vasquez Elsa Roth and Lisette Islas
Zaneta Encarnacion And Michelle Soltero 19420 300 600 80 Zaneta Encarnacion and Michelle Soltero

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