Salk Institute launched a new initiative called Conquering Cancer to harness specific and emerging scientific strategies to tackle the five deadliest cancers: pancreatic, ovarian, lung, brain and triple-negative breast. Former Vice President Joe Biden delivered the keynote address, with fellow former Vice President Al Gore in attendance. “Cancer research comes with its own complex mazes to navigate. That is what this Institute has been so successful at for decades - at taking on the big challenges and delivering new breakthroughs,” Biden said during his keynote.

Roger Anderson  Jane Rhett And Judy Anderson 22440 300 600 80 Roger Anderson Jane Rhett and Judy Anderson
Salk Insitute With Vice President Joe Biden 22441 300 600 80 Salk Insitute with Vice President Joe Biden
Satchin Panda And Judith Hodges 22442 300 600 80 Satchin Panda and Judith Hodges
Veronique And Claude Benchimol 22443 300 600 80 Veronique and Claude Benchimol
Vice President Biden At Salk Institute 22444 300 600 80 Vice President Biden at Salk Institute
Vice President Joe Biden With Vice President Al Gore 22445 300 600 80 Vice President Joe Biden with Vice President Al Gore
Erik Johnson  Natasha Reiss And Claire Reiss 22446 300 600 80 Erik Johnson Natasha Reiss and Claire Reiss
George Trikas And Kristin Gibson 22447 300 600 80 George Trikas and Kristin Gibson
Jocelyn And Cady Vortman 22448 300 600 80 Jocelyn and Cady Vortman
Lise Markham And Bernadette Bach 22449 300 600 80 Lise Markham and Bernadette Bach
Margaux Stack Babich  Christina Martinez And Fernanda Whitworth 22450 300 600 80 Margaux Stack Babich Christina Martinez and Fernanda Whitworth
Mark Schmitt  Graham McVicker And Dimitry Lyumkis 22451 300 600 80 Mark Schmitt Graham McVicker and Dimitry Lyumkis
Marshall Lewis  Judy Price Lewis  Jesus And Nadine Monzon 22452 300 600 80 Marshall Lewis Judy Price Lewis Jesus and Nadine Monzon

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