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Traveling Stories took their organization to new heights during their first annual Red Balloon Awards. Cirque du Livre opened its pages to supporters with an inspirational dinner and awards gala honoring literacy heroes in the community. Just in 2015, the award-winning nonprofit inspired 5,000 kids in California, and abroad, to fall in love with reading via programs and seven world libraries. Thanks to the support of Mission Federal Credit Union, strong literacy skills are being created in San Diego.Over the last three years, the Boys and Girls Club of San Diego’s signature event has raised over $2.4 million to help to continue to change lives. This year, the fun and party returned with live entertainment by former Lead Guitarist of The Eagles, Don Felder. Funds raised support kids through programs that promote academic success, character development and healthy lifestyles.Some of San Diego’s top executives gathered at The Grand Golf Club course at the Fairmont Grand Del Mar for a summer fundraiser benefitting Junior Achievement. Along with staff and volunteers, business leaders enjoyed a round of golf from carts to caddies and on-course food and beverages to an awards reception to conclude the engagement. Now in its 4th edition, the event collects monies to help empower young people to achieve their own economic success.Shopping, sipping and supporting was in store for guests of the Art of Fashion Show & Luncheon in Rancho Santa Fe this year. Relishing in the summer sun, attendees had a chance to boutique shop while drinking enjoying the latest fashions on the runway. Fashionable supporters were happy to form part of the organization’s efforts in raising funds for local human care agencies.

Danielle Lawson And Jameson Ware 15123 300 600 80 Danielle Lawson and Jameson Ware
Hezhi Naseem And Lehi Naseem 15124 300 600 80 Hezhi Naseem and Lehi Naseem
IMG 1857 15125 300 600 80 IMG 1857
Jeniffer Thompson And Christi Gilhoi 15126 300 600 80 Jeniffer Thompson and Christi Gilhoi
Jose Cruz  Andrew Oliver And Sam Lund 15127 300 600 80 Jose Cruz Andrew Oliver and Sam Lund
Julie  Lucy And Chris Ryall 15128 300 600 80 Julie Lucy and Chris Ryall
Kevin And Natalie Dusi 15129 300 600 80 Kevin and Natalie Dusi
Lori And Justyn Amstutz 15130 300 600 80 Lori and Justyn Amstutz
Marena Bronson And Chris Mowry 15131 300 600 80 Marena Bronson and Chris Mowry
Meeshe Nguyen  Malik Ashah And Emily Moberly 15132 300 600 80 Meeshe Nguyen Malik Ashah and Emily Moberly
Meeshe Nguyen  Tiffany Allan And Kimberly Nguyen 15133 300 600 80 Meeshe Nguyen Tiffany Allan and Kimberly Nguyen
Sarah Mammen And Crystal Lai 15134 300 600 80 Sarah Mammen and Crystal Lai
Susan Barrera  Leigh Plesniak And Michelle Wyseman 15135 300 600 80 Susan Barrera Leigh Plesniak and Michelle Wyseman
Tiffany Allan And Kimberly Nguyen 15136 300 600 80 Tiffany Allan and Kimberly Nguyen
Tori Klunk And Malik Ashah 15137 300 600 80 Tori Klunk and Malik Ashah
Angie Lasagna And Richard Farler 15138 300 600 80 Angie Lasagna and Richard Farler
Cheri Stephenson And Lisa Phillipson 15139 300 600 80 Cheri Stephenson and Lisa Phillipson
Courtney Eastman  Emily Moberly And Kevin Eastman 15140 300 600 80 Courtney Eastman Emily Moberly and Kevin Eastman
Damian And Lori McKinney 15141 300 600 80 Damian and Lori McKinney

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