voices-for-childrenSupporters of Voices for Children arrived to a South of France inspired soiree to their Starry Starry Night gala that evoked the artistry of Van Gogh. Co-chairs of the event were sparkling with happiness thanking guests in aiding Voices for Children's advocacy for San Diego's 5000 foster children in court, schools and the community.

All Smiles 6149 300 600 80 All smiles
Ann Gallagher And Courtney Isaac 6150 300 600 80 Ann Gallagher and Courtney Isaac
Brian And Ashley Hayek 6151 300 600 80 Brian and Ashley Hayek
Carol Isackson  Darin Boles And Amy Isackson 6152 300 600 80 Carol Isackson Darin Boles and Amy Isackson
Courtney And Raymond Liddy 6153 300 600 80 Courtney and Raymond Liddy
Danny Kelly  Ovie Cowling  Linda And Dick Kintz 6154 300 600 80 Danny Kelly Ovie Cowling Linda and Dick Kintz
Mark And Lenna Doyle With Julie And Dale Yahnke 6155 300 600 80 Mark and Lenna Doyle with Julie and Dale Yahnke
Maureen And Skip  Coomber With Lany Zikakis 6156 300 600 80 Maureen and Skip Coomber with Lany Zikakis
Mick Farrell  Claire Reiss And Lisette Farrell 6157 300 600 80 Mick Farrell Claire Reiss and Lisette Farrell
Retha Evans And Douglas Diener 6158 300 600 80 Retha Evans and Douglas Diener
Richard And Jennifer Greenfield 6159 300 600 80 Richard and Jennifer Greenfield

Photographed by: Beata Pevny

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