Breakfast At Tiffanys

Miracle Babies celebrated the two-year anniversary of the Miracle Circle Auxiliary, a group who shares a common vision to improve the overall health and well-being of children, women and families. Supporters enjoyed a breakfast followed by Keynote Speaker & CNN Senior Executive Producer Wendy Walker. Miracle Babies was founded by Dr. Sean Daneshmand to provide support and financial assistance to families with critically ill newborns in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit.

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All Smiles 12202 300 600 80 All smiles
Angie Lasagna  Vince Heald And Theresa Nakata 12203 300 600 80 Angie Lasagna Vince Heald and Theresa Nakata
Britt Hackmann  Marie Green And Lynne Harper 12204 300 600 80 Britt Hackmann Marie Green and Lynne Harper
Carmela Koenig  Eliza Friedman  Denisia Chatfield And Sophia Alsadek 12205 300 600 80 Carmela Koenig Eliza Friedman Denisia Chatfield and Sophia Alsadek
Enjoying The Day 12206 300 600 80 Enjoying the day
Gabriela Musgrave  Anisha Gwynn And Nikki Schiffman 12207 300 600 80 Gabriela Musgrave Anisha Gwynn and Nikki Schiffman
Irma Penunuri And Meghan Reirry 12208 300 600 80 Irma Penunuri and Meghan Reirry
Jeanne Larson  Paige McCready Boer And Susan McClellan 12209 300 600 80 Jeanne Larson Paige McCready Boer and Susan McClellan
Jennifer Mitchell  Greg Steinberg And Maria Rossing 12210 300 600 80 Jennifer Mitchell Greg Steinberg and Maria Rossing
Karina Lombrozo And Anna Danes 12211 300 600 80 Karina Lombrozo and Anna Danes
Kristina James And MJ Wittman 12212 300 600 80 Kristina James and MJ Wittman
Lisa Betyar  Wendy Walker And Hanaa Zahran 12213 300 600 80 Lisa Betyar Wendy Walker and Hanaa Zahran
Malaak Risheq  Malgorzata Wieteszka Slocomb  Abeer Hage And Mona Al Khatib 12214 300 600 80 Malaak Risheq Malgorzata Wieteszka Slocomb Abeer Hage and Mona Al Khatib
Melissa Cizauskas  Maria Rossing  Becki Freed And Kimberly Tullis 12215 300 600 80 Melissa Cizauskas Maria Rossing Becki Freed and Kimberly Tullis
Monica Idano And Deborah Marengo 12216 300 600 80 Monica Idano and Deborah Marengo
Nadia Gastelum And Doreen Roohanipur 12217 300 600 80 Nadia Gastelum and Doreen Roohanipur
Nazi And Touran Daneshmand 12218 300 600 80 Nazi and Touran Daneshmand
Neda Safarzadeh And Ladan Mortazavi 12219 300 600 80 Neda Safarzadeh and Ladan Mortazavi
Shannon Davis  Khila Ward And Jenn French 12220 300 600 80 Shannon Davis Khila Ward and Jenn French
Shelli Pelly And Becky Conger 12221 300 600 80 Shelli Pelly and Becky Conger
Soodabeh Mortazavi  Marjan Daneshmand And Tamara Lafarga 12222 300 600 80 Soodabeh Mortazavi Marjan Daneshmand and Tamara Lafarga
Supporting The Cause 12223 300 600 80 Supporting the cause
Susan Foster  Tanya Middleton And Zoe Chakiris 12224 300 600 80 Susan Foster Tanya Middleton and Zoe Chakiris
Tara Hughes  Susanne Rohrbaugh And Karla Pinckes 12225 300 600 80 Tara Hughes Susanne Rohrbaugh and Karla Pinckes
Wassan Benny And Huda Salem 12226 300 600 80 Wassan Benny and Huda Salem

Photographed by:
Beata Pevny

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