UC San Diego Center For Better Beginnings.

After a very successful inaugural fund-raising event this past summer, the Nine Months Matter Coalition works tirelessly to increase awareness about the danger of prenatal alcohol exposure throughout all nine months of a pregnancy.

Meeting at the UC San Diego Center For Better Beginnings, they discussed 3 strategic issues: (1) the critical need to increase community awareness of how devastating alcohol exposure can be during pregnancy and how Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders (FASD) impact our entire community, (2) specific fundraising goals for services that will help children with FASD, and (3) the need to develop long-lasting collaborative relationships in the community.

The Coalition is always looking for like-minded individuals that can become an inspiration to local children and families and become part of the growing Nine Months Coalition. They are looking for ambassadors to provide FASD community outreach and engagement. You can help eradicate the 100% preventable birth defect of FASD!

Please consider making FASD the cause you support on Giving Back Tuesday. Your contribution will directly support children with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders through the interventions and services that inspire them and help shape their lives. For more information see the Nine Months Matter website at www.ninemonthsmatter.org.

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