A Jet Charter Company with Heart for Shelter Dogs

For Schubach Aviation President Henry Schubach, operating San Diego's premier private air charter firm presents a unique opportunity to leverage his passion for flying to support his love of dogs. Founded in 1991, Schubach Aviation is the first choice for flying private for residents throughout the region, based on its reputation for safety, reliability and legacy for giving back to the San Diego community. The company operates and maintains a fleet of 12 luxury aircraft at Palomar Airport and Lindberg Field, today employing a staff of 30 people.

A portion of the company's net profits is directed toward organizations that shelter and rehome dogs that have been lost, abused or abandoned. Earlier this year, Schubach Aviation kicked off another yearlong fundraising campaign to donate one cent for every mile flown by its fleet to Shelter to Soldier, a non-profit organization whose mission is to train select shelter dogs and place them with U.S. military veterans afflicted with PTSD. Last year, the company donated a total of $9,374 to Shelter to Soldier and this year it expects to raise around $11,000. "Everyone at our company cares deeply about dogs, and supporting Shelter to Soldier is a way for us to help save lives, two at a time," said Henry Schubach tells Giving Back Magazine.

In 2011, Schubach Aviation donated $10,160 to Helen Woodward Animal Center, and promoted its fundraising events through the company's print ads. The company continues to sponsor Helen Woodward's Spring Fling gala event.

The Escondido Humane Society also has been the beneficiary of Schubach's compassion for canines. The company often purchases and delivers a large truckload of dog food, toys, treats, food bowls and various other supplies to the shelter during the holiday season. Bob, Henry's own Golden Retriever, greets customers at the office each day, along with his companion, Brailey, a black Labrador-mix who was adopted from the Escondido Humane Society. They frequently have visits from customers' dogs that fly with their owners and get equal V.I.P. treatment. "Many of our customers are serious dog lovers," said Henry. "Like us, they see their pets as important members of their family and can't imagine going anywhere without them."

Giving back to the San Diego community has been integral to Schubach Aviation's philosophy for the past 22 years. In addition to animal welfare organizations, the company has contributed to countless other charities that benefit sick and underprivileged children, the U.S. Military, disease research organizations and various other community causes. "Flying is my passion, but building a business around it has required laying the necessary groundwork," said Schubach. "We employ a team of people who are not only leaders in the aviation community, but who also care about the San Diego community and support its crucial social causes."

Schubach Aviation makes it easy for customers to fly anytime, anywhere in the world. Its fleet of private aircraft includes a Gulfstream IV, Challenger 601-1A, Challenger 300, Citation Sovereign, Hawker 800XP, Hawker 600, CJ1, Citation II and a King Air 100. Boasting a flawless safety record, Schubach Aviation's aircraft are meticulously maintained in the company's hangar at Palomar Airport. Contact the company at (760) 929-0307 for more information.

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