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Vahid Moradi, president & CEO of CJ Charles Jewelers, is an active philanthropist in the San Diego community. Over the years, he has donated extraordinary jewelry pieces and fine watches to support great causes such as the UCSD Moores Cancer Center, Miracle Babies, Voices for Children, and more. Cancer research is one of the major causes that he dedicates much of his time and generosity to. He hopes that his dedication will inspire others to get involved.

Giving Back: How would you describe your philanthropic mission?

Vahid Moradi: For one, the fight against cancer is the single most important mission for any human being in the century. It is my belief that we are making immense strides in finding a cure. I have been on the board of UCSD Moores Cancer center for four years and have witnessed amazing scientific advances in research and treatment.

GB: Describe your first donation to UCSD Moores Cancer Center.

VW: The first donation to UCSD Moores was in 2015. It was a ring we designed and built for their annual gala to be auctioned off. The piece was created with a natural Colombian emerald set in platinum with colorless diamond side stones. The auction started incredibly strong and the final bid on the piece exceeded our initial estimate. One cannot deny the sense of excitement in the room when everyone is bidding on these amazing pieces, adding romance from the spectacular world of jewelry, and I was thrilled to see how well our donation was received. 100% of the proceeds went to UCSD Moores Cancer Center benefiting cancer research and treatment. The next year, we followed this piece with a second donation, an exceptional suite of jewelry which auctioned for an incredible amount. The proceeds from each piece supported UCSD Moores Cancer Center’s dedicated mission to fight cancer.

GB: What other charities have you been involved with recently? Is there an exceptional piece from CJ Charles that we should expect to see in an upcoming fundraiser or gala?

VM: Miracle Babies, JDRF, and many more ongoing causes. For the upcoming Miracle Babies Gala on October 20, we are donating a Panerai watch. I know that the future owner will cherish it.

GB: What is next for you and CJ Charles Jewelers?

VM: Thirty years ago, when I began my business in the jewelry and watch world, I kept in mind two paramount goals. First is to always represent the highest quality, whether it be the rarest gems or the finest watches in the world, and second is to create strong bonds and relationships that transcend generations. Of course, we maintain a culture based on quality and relationships. Today’s clientele expects high caliber service and a strong relationship with their jeweler. CJ Charles has been a part of that life experience. My friends, clients, and I have been on a journey that’s evolving into something greater for years to come.

Learning The Intricacies Of Cancer Cells 23747 300 600 80 Learning the intricacies of cancer cells
Vahid Moradi At The New CJ Charles Jewelers In Westfield UTC.     23748 300 600 80 Vahid Moradi at the new CJ Charles Jewelers in Westfield UTC.
Custom Rivi  Re Colombian Emerald Ring Donated To The 2015 UCSD Moores Cancer Center SPARK Gala     23749 300 600 80 Custom Rivi re Colombian Emerald Ring donated to the 2015 UCSD Moores Cancer Center SPARK Gala

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