Giving Back Magazine accolades and awards bestowed on co-publishers Esteban Villanueva, Danitza Villanueva:

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In 2005, Esteban met Danitza and they brought their specialties, knowledge and experience together.

They launched Giving Back Magazine in 2007, when many larger and more established publications were closing their doors.

They had a clear vision that both the philanthropic community, and especially affluent Hispanics in San Diego, needed an upscale forum to discreetly document the notable philanthropic events of the leading figures, families and foundations of San Diego.

Esteban and Danitza have created a discerning magazine that is the trusted news source for community service.

Esteban Villanueva

Esteban Villanueva - Giving Back Publisher

Giving Back Magazine Publisher, Esteban Villanueva, grew up in San Diego, California.

In San Diego, Esteban attended Francis Parker School for grade school and The Bishop's School for high school. At both schools, he was known as Steven Villanueva or Steve Villanueva because many of his classmates had a hard time pronouncing "Esteban"!

Danitza Villanueva - Giving Back Publisher

Danitza VillanuevaDanitza Villanueva is a self-motivated and dedicated businesswoman. Born in San Diego, she spent part of her youth with her family in Tijuana and grew up on both sides of the border. She has transferred her unique insight of cross-border culture, trends and philanthropy to her business and community interests.

Danitza Villanueva and Esteban Villanueva are proud to be the publishers of Giving Back Magazine. Esteban and Danitza both grew up in San Diego and Tijuana and have intimate personal understanding of the culture, trends and inner workings of our region. GB Magazine is published each month by Danitza, Esteban and their talented staff.

As we all know, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, but if anyone approaches you requesting access to an event or pretends to work for us and is NOT listed below, please be informed that they have no relationship to GIVING BACK MAGAZINE.

Please contact us immediately at 619-260-8353 for clarifications or confirmations of valid press status.

When our reporters show up at your event, there are a few things you can expect:

1. Our reporters will always dress in black or neutral colors, usually with a logo shirt or press credential clearly identifying themselves as press. They will not dress in colors or costumes and will not try to pass themselves off as guests. Press are separate from your guests and will behave accordingly. Our reporters are strictly forbidden from posing with the guests, so you will never have the awkward situation of a photographer showing up in pictures with guests or donors.

As a magazine we try to cover as many events that occur in our region as possible, but we can't cover them all. We try to feature the most unique, private, creative and/or important events every month. If you are interested in us covering your event, tell us why your event is important, why it is different and a little bit about who is organizing the event and who is expected to attend. We will do our best!

If you would like to appear on the cover or our magazine or be interviewed, please submit a photograph (snapshot is sufficient) a short bio, C.V. or resume plus a short explanation as to why you should appear in our magazine.

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